Cert. Integral Coach (english)

With your training as a Cert. Integral Coach CIS you build on a solid foundation. Integral coaching is considered today to be the most sustainable and effective coaching method and is based on the most modern, neurological findings.

The focus of this basic training is to build the competence to be able to help clients to help themselves and to support them in actionable decisions and solutions through meaningful coaching conversations and creative interventions.

With the certificate of competence, which leads to your internationally recognized certificate, you legitimize yourself to start your work as a coach/mentor in a professional way.

This training is also a component of the course of study in preparation for the Swiss Federal Certificate of Competence in Mentoring (Level 1).

In combination with the assessment for the Federal Certificate of Competence as a Mentor, this training is “subject-financed!” This means that you can also apply to the federal government for a refund of 50% of your training costs!


Integral competencies - your advantage as an integral, holistic coach

Body - Mind - Emotion - Soul: As an Integral Coach, you stand out from other coaching styles because of your competence to perceive and guide clients holistically. Every person is unique and has his or her own resources and preferences to be able to find and live their unique goals, resources and solutions. While some people access their path and reach this through their analytical mind, it can be helpful for others if they are guided towards their life-goals on a more emotional level. Making use of both inner wisdom and intuition clients can also achieve valuable insights and the "aha moments" through perceptions stored inside their body. In this training you will learn to sharpen and use your perception in different subject areas and make this work for all personalities. What follows are the use of adequate, type-appropriate interventions and empowering coaching conversations.

Integral = Body - Mind - Emotion - Soul - Systems- Consciousness. Learn more about the definition of integral coaching via this PDF factsheet, which you can download here on this page.

Practical experience and expertise: In order to be able to professionally perform the responsible task as a coach, you will develop your competence portfolio on the professional, social, personality and methodological levels in this course in a balanced and holistic way. The development of in-depth knowledge is just as valuable as the practice-oriented coaching experiences during the training period.

Professionally qualified for various subject areas: Regardless of the field in which you will further specialize as a coach - all your clients are people with everyday challenges, stormy phases in their life, emotional experiences, decision-making challenges, goals and dreams. Thanks to this integral coaching course, you will be able to comprehensively accompany all your clients in various life situations, in addition to specific business, mental, career, sports, relationship, family and health issues.

Systemic: As human beings we interact and are part of different systems - we are part of the interactions of relationship systems, socio-cultural systems, economic-material systems and spiritual systems. Integral coaching incorporates these interactions and supports the client in becoming aware of them, utilizing the resulting resources, and releasing obstructive beliefs, limiting patterns, unconstructive behavior and entanglements.

Awareness: As an Integral Coach, you will recognize the possibilities of coaching at the different levels of consciousness. These are: Present-Consciousness, Self-Consciousness, Sub-Consciousness, Higher-Consciousness and Collective-Consciousness.


The content of your course

Coaching Competencies - Process Leadership: Experience-oriented, we introduce you to integral coaching. A clear coaching concept enables you to quickly gain your first practical experience and to deepen your coaching competencies more and more. Your intuitive coaching competences will be strengthened as well as your confidence in leading coaching processes. Your self-confidence in coaching will improve drastically. This will be further supported and anchored by the helpful coaching guidelines for success.

Integral psychology: Through course units in integral and resource-oriented psychology, you will understand how coaching works and you will be able to consciously use the action strategies you have learned. The integral - and resource-oriented psychology, according to Living Sense International, will inspire you both professionally and personally. It provides answers to many significant life questions.

Creative Coaching Methods: In addition to the classic coaching tools and techniques, you will benefit from a wide range of creative coaching options. With these tools, which have been specially developed according to Living Sense International standards, you have the chance to accompany your clients on a deeper level in a more creative, faster and more sustainable way to reach their goals.

Personal development: To be able to practice the profession as a coach professionally, you requires a high degree of personal competence. We support you in growing your coaching self-confidence by strengthening your self-knowledge, self-esteem, self-love, self-worth and self-confidence. Through this, you develop a professional attitude as a coach and expand your communication and social skills further.


This is how your coaching training works:

Shortly after you register online for the course (from January 2022), 14 specialized modules open up to you, which we present as a premium online training.

Each module is a self-contained empowerment package of information and introduces you to an important coaching topic.

The modules are logically built on top of each other. However, you are still free to work through them in a different order if an alternative path suits you better.

Where you work on the modules, how fast you proceed and how much time you invest in your training is up to you. You can enjoy all the online modules before your first on-site attendance day, or you can always open the modules to coincide with the next "on-site attendance day". You decide your course pace and timing yourself.

The only requirement is that you have watched the videos of the module before your corresponding live online course session or on-site course day. All other "content" that is offered in the course can be absolved according to your own time planning and your unique pace.

There are almost no limits to your development as a coach at Living Sense International. As further empowerment of your new role as an integral coach, you will already find in each module material for 16 - 24 hours of coaching inspiration, coaching theory and coaching exercises in the online course!

During 10 hands-on, practical and interactive learning sequences, you will experience high-quality face-to-face training (at one of our beautiful locations - or in a virtual classroom). On these days you will meet your peers and share your experiences with them and the inspiring coaching trainers. These practical and interactive learning sessions are a valuable extension of your online studies.

Together with your personal account manager, you can choose the most suitable course variant that fits you. You can also choose for an individualized course plan. We will assist you in this if you need our support. You will find all already scheduled course dates here on this page under "Course Dates".

You can arrange the dates for your personal coaching experiences or you’re your “Supervisions” (observed coaching sessions) directly with your desired supervision-coach. In these Supervisions you will get direct feedback on your coaching skills by an integral coaching expert.

You can choose the date for your “Proof of Competence” – or “Certification Assessment” yourself. This course needs to be absolved within a time window of 2 years. After the start of the course, you are completely free to decide when you feel ready and want to complete your Integral Coach certification process.

Cert. Integral Coach (english) (ice0222)

Kursort: Zürich
Tag: Donnerstag
Kursbeginn: Juli 2022
Tageszeit: Morgens
Do. 28.07.2022 von 09:15 bis 16:30
Fr. 29.07.2022 von 09:15 bis 16:30
Sa. 30.07.2022 von 09:15 bis 16:30
So. 31.07.2022 von 09:15 bis 16:30
Di. 02.08.2022 von 09:15 bis 16:30
Mi. 03.08.2022 von 09:15 bis 16:30
Do. 04.08.2022 von 09:15 bis 16:30
Fr. 05.08.2022 von 09:15 bis 16:30
Mo. 08.08.2022 von 09:15 bis 16:30
Di. 09.08.2022 von 09:15 bis 16:30
Kursgebühren CHF 5’900.–
Kompetenznachweis CHF 0.–
Einschreibegebühr CHF 0.–
Instalment 7 x CHF 864.–
Instalment 14 x CHF 432.–
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Bei Ratenzahlung wird ein Unkostenbeitrag von CHF 148.-- einberechnet.

  • Analytical understanding and social competence
  • Appreciative, resourceoriented basic attitude
  • Interest in integral coaching
  • Life experience
  • Robin van den Berg
  • Cert. Integral Coach/MentorIn CIS (Zertifikat)
  • Geprüft und anerkannt nach internationalen Richtlinien ICI / ECA
  • Bildungsbestätigung über 350 Lerneinheiten
  • In Kombination mit Expertenstufe und Masterstufe Vorbereitung zur eidg. Prüfung psychosoziale/r Berater/in
  • Qualitätsgarantie living sense / EduQua
  • Lernleistung im Rahmen von 13.5 ECTS Punkten

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